How to replace wick in vape?
02 Mar 2017

How to replace wick in vape?

Each vaper, regardless their experience in using vaping devices, should know how to replace wick in a vaping device. To understand that it is time to replace wick or coil, you should just feel burning aftertaste. It is caused by accumulated carbon deposit on a coil. It looks like black coat on coils. Getting rid of burning aftertaste is quite an easy task: you should just replace wick and burn a coil. Surely, coils will deteriorate eventually and should be replaced in time.

How to replace wick correctly?

There is an algorithm of actions, allowing vaper to change wick easily.

If we use sheet wadding, you should:

  • remove old wick;
  • clean and burn coils;
  • make sure that they are heated equally;
  • cut the required amount of strips (1 strip for 1 coil);
  • remove one layer with a strip;
  • remove needless threads;
  • roll up each strip;
  • roll up one side of each strip thinner;
  • put wick in each coil;
  • cut it according to the size of an e-liquid well;
  • carefully put wick around coils in a well;
  • moisten wick and coils with e-liquid.

If we use common cotton for vaping, some algorithm actions are changed: initially, you should tear off a small piece of total cotton, stretch it carefully and roll up. And then follow the above-mentioned steps.