KLS RDA by Anonymous: modesty is the best policy
07 Jul 2017

KLS RDA by Anonymous: modesty is the best policy

Each device has its own creator: a company or enthusiastic engineer. In any case, customers know their names. However, the RDA developer discussed today didn't wish to be named, signing on the box as Anonymous. Its device is called KLS RDA and, obviously, deserves attention.

It looks like a stainless steel cylinder similar to common atomizers. The drip tip made of Ultem high-heat-resistant plastic is on the top. Only steel-colored RDA is available, no other way.

A technical concept of the device is much interesting, as it has a kind of two bodies: the outside one, as mentioned, is made of stainless steel and the inner one made of Ultem (like the drip tip). This feature is designed to prevent accumulation of condensed vapor on the body.

The RDA has a top airflow system adjusted by turning the O-ring.

Obviously, the atomizer (especially from an unknown developer) has sparked the interest of both vapers and manufacturers. The latter ones produced the clone almost similar to the original version. The only difference is screws: they are designed for Allen key in the authentic model, while the clone’s screws require Phillips screwdriver.

KLS RDA by Anonymous is quite an interesting RDA that has made a stir and been cloned not in vain. It's up to consumers to decide how much they should pay for it: $150 or $10 for the duplicate.