Venues for large-scale evens in the CIS countries
24 Mar 2017

Venues for large-scale evens in the CIS countries

It is important to choose an appropriate place for any exhibition to be held successfully. Here are 4 best exhibition platforms in the CIS countries!

Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow

Crocus Expo annually hosts over 350 events and is one of the world’s best exhibition platforms. One of the events constantly held at Crocus is VAPEXPO, as absolutely any kind of events can be held in the center. It has an area of 701 800 sq.m., and amazes visitors with its sizes. Therefore, Crocus was chosen as a place for the vaping event.

Sokolniki ECC in Moscow

The territory of Sokolniki ECC comprises 27 000 sq.m., and consists of 10 pavilions, designed for holding exhibitions, forums and conferences. Among visitors of the center one will find executives of big corporations, professionals in various spheres, as well as parents with children, pupils and students.

Lenexpo in Saint Petersburg

In the center of international trade routes of Saint Petersburg lies a huge platform, where manufacturers can showcase products and services as part of industry-based exhibitions – Lenexpo. The complex specializes in B2B and B2C events. Its main distinctive feature is the possibility for organizing water exhibitions.

The IEC in Kyiv

Ukraine’s most visited exhibition platform – the IEC in Kyiv. It consists of three large pavilions with the total area of 58 000 sq.m. The center has an excellent ventilating system, 15 conference halls, food courts, press centers and a parking lot intended for 2500 cars. There are several hotels near the IEC for the convenience of tourists and guests.