What influences the cost of a premium e-liquid?
05 Jun 2017

What influences the cost of a premium e-liquid?

Every vaper with a delicate sense of taste always expects the best from the e-liquid he or she is vaping. To open a new bright flavor, fans of flavorous vapor are ready to pay more for a premium e-liquid instead of buying several bottles of a mass-market e-liquid at the same price. But what influences the cost of a premium e-liquid?

Several aroma notes

The composition of any premium e-liquid doesn’t greatly differ from the composition of a standard e-liquid: glycerin, propylene glycol, water, flavoring agents, and nicotine (except for zero nicotine strength). But premium e-liquids offer a more complex flavor structures meaning that during vaping you will feel around 20 ingredients, which is impossible when using ordinary e-liquids.

Quality of ingredients

Only the highest quality ingredients are used for the production of premium e-liquids. For example, highly refined propylene glycol and glycerin, as well as pharmaceutical grade nicotine are used.

Quality of products

Manufacturers that release premium e-liquids can provide vapers with not only a rich flavor but also safety. Premium e-liquids are mainly produced in the US, where all vaping products undergo a multistage quality inspection.

Services of professional mixologists

Russian e-liquid manufacturers are trying not to lag behind the US companies that produce premium e-liquids. Many companies invite foreign professional mixologists to create truly interesting and unique flavors.