Why did Chubby Gorilla bottles become so popular in Russia?
06 Jul 2017

Why did Chubby Gorilla bottles become so popular in Russia?

Chubby Gorilla is an American brand producing plastic bottles for e-liquids. They were initially produced in a white dim color. Now they are available in black, blue, red and yellow. Every item goes with a label and a box.

Currently these bottles are used by lots of vape companies in Russia. So, what’s the secret of the brand’s success?

Lots of countries manufacture glass bottles but China is the leader in this sector. Unfortunately, it is unknown who is responsible for the quality of these products. In case with Chubby Gorilla, everything’s simple: they patent their bottles and add an identification label on it.

Its range of products will be appreciated by any e-liquid manufacturer because there are various volumes – from 10 to 200 milliliter. Talking about safety, the bottles are designed in such a way so that children can’t open them on their own. Moreover, bottles are tamper evident which is convenient if you buy them for the first time.

Taking into account that Russia is imposing taxes on e-liquids with nicotine, lots of companies start using nicotine boosters in small ampules. They can be easily poured into Chubby Gorilla bottles.

Source: vivalacloud.ru