Results of Vapexpo

The organizer of the event is the international event company Smile-Expo.


Gor Movsesyan
Tony Tornado
Gor Movsesyan

As there are posts with subscribers’ feedbacks, I will also toss in my two cents’ worth. I won’t write about positive moments because it will be like “Freebie. Lots of freebie”. So, I’ll dwell upon drawbacks and express my opinion about the exhibition at the end.

1. I liked the first day more than the other one. People were nicer. I was pleasantly surprised when after leaving my phone on the Blitz’s table and going round the exhibition I found it in the same place when I returned. I also left my bag and nobody took it.
What didn’t I like about people on the second day? They wrested prizes at drawings. On the first day, when you catch it – it’s yours but on the second day you had to hide the e-liquid bottle from others. And when e-liquids and other stuff appeared on stage, it caused hustle. In general, there was more respect for others on the first day.

2. Now – concerning organizers. It’s a shame that there weren’t lots of tasty e-juices. Almost all of them belonged to the budget segment. There were also no manufacturers of devices, I found only one booth where one could buy mech mods at an attractive price. One more booth had too pricey products. And a booth of the Internet store with retail prices only.

 3. Participants. I guess, there were a lot of booths but I can count them on fingers of one hand plus a thumb of the second one:
- Blitz: it was difficult not to notice them, at least once an hour.
-BlackOut: just because of giving away e-juices.
-Mana: wonderful giveaways on stage.
-Point Art: because of being close to the stage and a bit of giveaways.
- Jam Vape Me: generous and cool giveaways.
- ZeroSmoke: just because I knew about them before the exhibition.

4. A couple of trifles. 
- A lack of seats. I was tired but couldn’t find a place to relax. On the second day there was a half of floor pillows in the relaxation zone. 
- It would be nice to have access to sockets so that visitors could charge their batteries. In the afternoon I got worried that I would be left with no mod.
- Presentations had to be shown on screens which could be seen from anywhere. I am wearing glasses so couldn’t see a half of what was happening on stage. My girlfriend isn’t tall, so she could see the stage only if she was very close to it.
-I was upset that the organizer decided to hold two exhibitions in different cities which meant that they divided participants. 
Conclusion: in general, I liked it. The ticket with the price of 600 RUB is worth it. Next time I hope that the exhibition will be bigger with more participants, visitors and giveaways. Thanks for these two days.

P.S. As I understand, it was a test. The organizer needed high attendance to show serious manufacturers results of previous exhibitions in St. Petersburg. Basing on the amount of visitors and their feedbacks, I hope that next time the event will be cooler and visitors will remember not six booths but all of them.

Tony Tornado

Having attended VAPEXPO in Saint Petersburg, I obtained a flood of positive emotions. So many e-liquids, contests, giveaways. Unfortunately, Saint Petersburg device manufacturers were absent. And it's frustrating a bit, because the city has a lot of them. Many bloggers, perfect atmosphere – what else is required for such an excellent event? I’m sure that next VAPEXPOs in Saint Petersburg will bring together even more attendees and interesting stands.


Saint Petersburg’s first VAPEXPO was also the first for us to be exhibitors. Previously, we just attended Moscow events. And the inner atmosphere impressed us a lot! Everything was well-organized and seamlessly operating. It is immediately obvious that the organizers are the team of professionals. No fuss. Everything is easy and with great mood. It is such a pleasure to work within this atmosphere!       

At this exhibition, we presented our new e-liquid line called BLACK OUT and remained more than satisfied! We collected so many orders that it would require a month to process them.   

Thus, we will try not to miss further Smile-Expo events, because they boost business like nothing else.   

A special thanks to curators Alina, Ivan and Ekaterina! And see you next time!